Amy Ryan

Hi! I am Amy and I am so glad that you are here. First and foremost I will let you into a secret … I get so uncomfortable when having my photograph taken! This however makes me work harder to try and make others feel relaxed when in front on my camera.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember.  I was the child with the children’s film camera snapping pictures of my cat and friends at the age of 6.  It likely cost my parents a fortune having all those blurry prints developed!  As a teen I was given an SLR camera and I distinctly remember being crouched at the edge of a stream on a wet Sunday with my dad teaching me how to use it in manual and how to create a long exposure.  I then would develop my black and white film in my school dark room.  I loved it!  It was at this point I was hooked!

As everyone else moved to digital I stuck with film.  I carried that same SLR with me as I traveled through East Africa at the age of 19.  Then again as I took a round-the-world trip for 10 months when I turned 25.  I loved capturing the moments, the people on the street, the families I came across and to be able to share those experiences and sights with people once I got home.  It was worth the weight of the camera and the rolls of film to be taking up so much space in my backpack!

However, film got pricey and I put my camera down for several years, always missing that creative outlet, the peace that comes across me as I look through the viewfinder, and the joy when getting the pictures developed.

After my sons were born, I was desperate to get a camera back in my hands, but it seemed a big ask.  Then one day in the middle of the summer, my husband surprised me and brought me one home.  He knew I was a Canon user and so went ahead and got one – I was beyond thrilled!  I had never used a digital camera before, but it wasn’t so different and there were suddenly new possibilities.  After some reading, some courses, and some practice I was back to being happy with it in my hands.  That sense of peace enveloped me when it was in my hands.  I am an observer by heart and so I embrace this art.  Since then, I have upgraded the main body and lenses so I can have sharper images with better colors, helping me to create the images I so desperately want to create.

My boys were my main inspiration but as time went on, many people asked me if I would take photos of them.  I started to really take it more seriously, constantly pushing myself to learn. With photography, you can never be overly qualified – I push myself daily now as I want to create the best photographs for my loved ones and yours.